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Tanuki Martial Arts photo

Tanuki Martial Arts

Honouring both the Japanese origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog!) and the raccoon-filled city the dojo calls home, Tanuki Martial Arts aims to affirm all peoples in the sport of martial arts. Develop work ethic, dedication and technique in a community of learners, teachers and competitors.

New members can try 2 weeks of unlimited training for $20. From there, multi-tiered pricing offers a solution for all incomes with both regular and geared-to-income pricing. Not ready for a membership? Drop in anytime for $25 per session.


$90/month +hst = 1 session per week

$120/month +hst = 2 sessions per week

$140/month +hst  = unlimited sessions

$1500/year +hst = unlimited sessions + ability to pause

Are you an equity deserving community member looking for geared to income pricing? Email at

2 weeks for $20 promo!

2 weeks for $20 promo!

Try out 2 weeks of classes for $20 dollars! Message us to find out more.

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