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Alex Burns

Alex Burns photo Alex Burns
  • Purple Belt

Born and raised in Toronto from East York to Scarborough to Greektown. Alex is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt who found martial arts accidentally. After accompanying his little cousin to do a trial at a martial arts academy he ended up just continuing to show up. You can find Alex training in some local gyms around the city and he will always be happy to talk Jiu-Jitsu.

Outside of Jiu-Jitsu Alex works for one of the large 5 banks in operations and occasionally can be found slinging drinks at a bar downtown.

• Most played childhood video game(s)? If we consider teen years then definitely Halo 3

 • Pineapple on pizza? Yes

 • Is a hotdog a sandwich? Semantics.. do toppings other than cheese turn a grilled cheese into a melt? Or is it still a grilled cheese?!

 • Most memorable movie? Watching Lord of The Rings as a kid

 • What era would you time travel to? Mesozoic era to see some dinosaurs

• Kindred Spirit?

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