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Marianna Zafiroudis

Marianna Zafiroudis photo Marianna Zafiroudis
  • Brown Belt

Marianna was born and raised in the Greektown neighbourhood. She is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt and former amateur boxer who has travelled around the world to train and compete in both sports. She is a 2x European International Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation (IBJJF) gold medalist, Asian IBJJF gold medalist, 2x IBJJF masters world medalist, New York No-Gi gold medalist, Ringside World Boxing gold medalist and Golden Gloves medalist.

Fully qualified as a child and youth worker, Marianna has extensive experience in counselling and therapeutic rapport. She has worked with at-risk and high needs children in residential, congregate and school settings. Her goal and passion is to nurture confidence and self-worth in future generations of athletes!


  • Most played childhood video game? Super Mario and Crash Bandicoot 
  • Pineapple on pizza? Yes
  • Is a hotdog a sandwich? Nope
  • Most memorable movie? The Land Before Time 
  • What era would you time travel to? 1970's
  • Kindred Spirit? Platypus